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The Financial Markets Association
Крупнейшая ассоциация финансового рынка, представляющая интересы профессионального FX сообщества по всему миру

ACI FMA Education

Globally Acknowledged, Portable, Professional Qualifications
The video presents a detailed explanation of the ACI FMA Education program and a demonstration of its global advantages. In the videos, viewers can find the educational products and services that ACI FMA has to offer. ACI FMA, as longstanding proponents and influencers of ethical conduct and good market practices to financial markets professionals, is committed to continuing to create synergies that help expand our expertise and the usage of our products globally.
ACI FMA Education Programme
Global wholesale financial markets are dynamic and fast changing and these conditions demand highly qualified people with wide-ranging market skills and knowledge.
Certificates & Diplomas
ACI FMA provides a suite of specialised examinations targeting Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Money Markets, Derivatives, Repos, Asset Liability, Risk Management and Conduct for front, middle and back-office staff. All ACI FMA exams are in English and computer based. The ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate are also available in German.
Continuing Professional Development
ELAC — The E-Learning Attestation and Certification portal allows demonstration of adherence to Codes of Conduct on a continuous basis through a Personal Accreditation rating (PAR). ELAC provides employers and individuals operating in professional financial markets with a high-quality, accredited, continuing professional development solution that encourages the highest standards of conduct and industry best practice.
Board of Education
The Board of Education (BOE) is responsible for and advises ACI’s Executive Board on all decisions concerning formal education within ACI FMA that is of an international nature. It proposes an ongoing strategy, defines the format and content, and also implements a marketing and communication policy of ACI’s education and examination program.
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You can find the Certificate on the ACI FMA website at the link https://acifma.com/certificate-search